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microwave almond dryer/continuous microwave drying machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Microwave Dryer
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Microwave Dryer
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
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Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

microwave almond dryer material/continuous microwave drying machine

Product Description


Name: microwave almond dryer material/microwave hazel drying machine
Heating energy: Microwave
Usage: Drying of hazel, walnut, peanut
Type: Conveyor belt

Description: microwave almond dryer material

Microwave frequency (MHz): 2450±50

Input voltage: 380V, 50Hz

Microwave power(KW) 60(KW)

Chamber material Stainless steel

Chamber color: Silver-white

Conveyor belt: PTFE or chain board

Dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 11.0x1.1x1.7

Weight (KG) 3100

Microwave leakage limit(mW/cm2) 1 mW/cm2

Relative humidity(℃) ≤85%

Ambient temperature(℃) Normal temperature

Environment requirement No excessive corrosive gas, no inflammable, explosive gas

Technical Parameter
Product Name microwave almond dryer material
Device type Transmission belt
Microwave frequency 2450±50MHz
Power 60kw
Size 12m*1.1m*1.8m
Transmission speed 0-5m/minute
Input voltage Three-PhaseAC 380V
Weight 3100kg
Cabinet color Silverh white
The whole material Industrial grade stainless steel
Microwave leakage limit ≤1mW/cm²
Ambinet temeperature normal temperature
working time 24 hours

Working Principles

microwave almond dryer material is used of electro-magnetic induction or infrared radiation to dry the raw material.

By microwave energy permeation, the material inner moisture quickly been heated and gasified, forming a strong outward diffusion situation, to make the moisture extremely quickly spread to the surface.

Main components

1.Microwave generator system

2.Microwave box

3.Temperature controlling system

4.Humidity controlling system

5.Transmission system

6.PLC and touch screen control system

7.Humidity discharging system

8.Electrical cabinets

9.Cooling system

10.Hot air recycling and circulatory system

main structure

1.main tube body 2.side plate of rolls 3.outlet part

4.front roller circle 5.rear roller circle 6.reduce box

7.big gear 8.small gear 9.inlet part

10.heated air duct 11.motor 12.furnace body


microwave almond dryer material is widely used in powder, sludge, granular, crystalline materials, chemical material, dehydration treatment, such as chemical raw materials, chemical ore,fin chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chemical fertilizers polymers, coatings and inorganic pigments, dyes and organic pigments, food and feed additives, catalysts and chemical additives, adhesives, new energy materials, rubber products, chemical reagents, etc.

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In addition,Shandong industrial microwave oven not only manufacture Microwave Dryer ,but also have oil press and refined oil equipment for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, animal,grape seed, acer truncatum, peony seed, walnut, hemp seed, pine, tea seed, papaya, milk thistle seed, and other special material.

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