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high effciency and energy saving tunnel microwave oven with CE

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Drying Oven
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Drying Oven
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Contact with us
Payment Terms Negotiation
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

Tunnel Microwave Oven

Product Description

The application of tunnel microwave oven:

The tunnel microwave oven is a kind of used to dry food medicinal materials,wood,building materials,cardboard or other materials microwave machine.

Tunnel microwave oven compared with the traditional drying equipment,the characteristics of tunnel microwave oven is :drying speed is fast,high efficiency,environmental proyection,energy conservation,is a new type of device in response to a low carbon economy.

The working principles of tunnel microwave oven:

The tunnel microwave oven mainly utilizes microwave energy to make the water molecules of material move in a certain direction.Therefore the inner water molecules rub each other in high-frequency.

Then make the full material a heat generating element.

Finally,it achieves high-efficient drying,uniform dryness.

The features of tunnel microwave oven:

1)The tunnel microwave oven is made of high quality 304#Stainless steel.It can fully meet with medicine machinery requirements.

2)Low-temperature drying and sterilization which can keep original flavor and good color sense.

3)Penetration:tunnel microwave oven adopts radiation way to transmit energy and it can make the material heat wholly itself.

4)Heating Evenly:Microwave heating is both in and outside of the material at the same time,the temperature difference is very small in and outside of the material.So it heats evenly when drying materials,and the heating efficiency is greatly increased.

5)Heating quickly and environmentally.

The main components of tunnel microwave oven :

1)Microwave Generator System

2)Microwave Box

3)Temperature Controlling System

4)Humidity Controlling System

5)Transmission System

6)PLC And Touch Screen Control System

7)Humidity Discharge System

8)Electrical Cabinets

9)Cooling System

10)Hot Air Recycling And Circulatory System

The technical parameter of tunnel microwave oven :

Product Name tunnel microwave oven
Device Type Transmission Belt
Microwave Frequency 2450±50MHz
Power 20-200kw
Size (10-42)m*1.1m*1.7m
Transmission Speed 0-5m/min
Input Voltage There-PhaseAC 380V
Weight 1.3t-18t
Cabinet Color Silver White
The Whole Material Industrial Grade Stainless Steel
Microwave Leakage Limit ≤1mW/cm²
Ambitus Temperature -10-40℃
Working Time 24 Hours

The Advantages Of tunnel microwave oven :

1)Microwave generating system is used high-quality original device microwave electronics accessories which are high-quality orignal,high strength.

2)Small Investment,fast-drying evaporation,high strength.

3)Tunnel microwave oven have a uniform drying effect.Because of water molecules is the best microwave absorptive amount,so the final moisture of material is very uniform.

4)Our tunnel microwave oven is energy-efficient.Microwave direct on the material,so there is no heat loss.It can save 30% power than far-infrared heat.

5)Tunnel microwave oven has a short drying time,the microwave is from the every directons into the material,both inner and surface water are heated,it greatly reduce the drying time.

6)Our tunnel microwave oven have advanced design easy operation,and no thermal inertia.You just need to control the system,then the tunnel microwave oven can work by itself.

7)The transmission speed of tunnel microwave oven can be adjusted,you can adjust the transmission speed according to different capacity and different moisture.

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Our Services

Our Service:

1.The tunnel microwave oven made by LD Machinery Factory can be customized meet with customer's needs.

2.We can offer one year warranty with engineers available to install machine overseas.

3.24 hours technical support by E-mail.

Company Information

LD Machinery Factory Of Shandong City 20 years to focus on drying area,covers an area of 5000 square meters,respectively,with research and development department,design department,technology department,sales department,commissioning department,under the careful study of r&d department and design department,USES the German technology,improve the dryer,achieve optimal performance.

Now my company production of rotary dryer,mesh belt dryer,microwave drying machine,box-type dryer,air dryers,fluidized bed dryer,vertical dryer,food drying machine,wide used in metallurgy,mining,food,medicine and other fields.You are welcome to visit our factory and professional team will provide you with the best quality technical service.


Why chose LD?

1.We are a manufacture factory,so the price we offer you is the bottom price.

2.Quick and safe delivery:don't worry about the delivery,we have a professional team to delivery the

machines for DHL,air transportation,sea transportation.

3.Full varieties of models for choice.

4.Best price,best service,attracting design,high quality.

If you are interested in our product,please contact with me .I will try my best to anLDer for you,Because we have factory by ourself so we will give you best price and we can quality assurance ,welcome to visit our factory check up product.Our technical personnel will test the running of the machine for you.

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