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Hottest Sale And New Design Fruit And Vegetable Drying Oven

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Drying Oven
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Drying Oven
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Contact with us
Payment Terms Negotiation
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

fruit and vegetable Drying Oven

Product Description

Brief Introduction Of fruit and vegetable Drying Oven:

fruit and vegetable drying oven mainly is named after its internal structure.The internal structure is composed of multilayer network with paved,and in the drying juglans regia,juglans regia slowly forward in the forgotten, accept the heat bakes the from the bottom,so as to achieve the effect of drying.The ability to size a large part depend on the net with the number of layers

The Application Of fruit and vegetable Drying Oven:

The fruit and vegetable drying oven can be widely used in corn,honeysuckle,sunflower seed,pepper,dehydrated vegetables(Drying melon seeds,melon,radish drying),potato chips,french fries,seafood products,medicinal materials,wood,cardboard,chemical fiber etc...

The Structure Of Fruit And Vegetable Drying Oven:

1.Main Frame

2.Head And Tail

3.Feed Port And Discharge Port

4.Stainless Steel Box

5.Staunless Mesh Belt

6.Transmission Part(Motor,Reduction box,Coupling,Transducer,Shaft,Chain Wheel)

7.Dehumidification System(Pipeline,Fan)

8.Observation door(Clean Up The Door,Also Can Observe Indoor Circumstance)

The Working Principle Of fruit and vegetable Drying Oven:

The fruit and meat dry oven is the use of hot air as drying medium and wet material contact sports,the moisture in the materials of water diffusion,vaporization and evaporation exclude achieve the purpose of drying.

In order to provide a suitable fruit and vegetable drying oven with you,please kindly tell us these questions in your first enquiry:

1.Output capacity per hour?

2.Input and output moisture?

3.Material?sizeand shape?

4.The usage of the final product?

That is very important for us.Thanks for your kind cooperation in advance.

The Main Characteristic Of fruit and vegetable Drying Oven :

1.Continuous operation,simple operation,labor saving,large quantity of production

.2.Materials and hot air contact area is large,can automatically rotate in the drying process,is conducive to the drying uniformity and improve drying rate of 3 degrees.

3.Conveyor belt by the step less speed change device control tape speed adjustable operating time.

4.Material for continuous drying in the same drying chamber,the late cooling layer to avoid material pollution,easy to reach the requirements of health.

The Advantages Of fruit and vegetable Drying Oven :

1.Full automation and easy operation.

2.Large capacity,high drying efficiency,good quality products.

3.Small investment,quick drying speed,high evaporation intensity.

4.Most of the air is recycled,and a high degree of energy saving.

5.Depending on the standardization of production to increase the number of segments.

6.The hot air distribution is more uniform to ensure the consistency of products quality.

7.You could adjust the amount of air,heating temperature,material residence time and speed to obtain the best drying results.

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Our Services

Our Service:

The pre-sales service:To provide you with the project and process design,make suitable plan for you,or design and manufacture the fruit and vegetable drying oven according to you special needs.

The sales of service:To accompany you to complete the fruit and vegetable drying oven inspection and acceptance,assist to draft the construction scheme and detailed process.

The after-sales service:LD Machinery Factory of Shandong City still send the technical personal to guide the installation of fruit and vegetable drying oven and the commissioning of the machine.


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1.LD Machinery Factory has been specialized in dryer machine for more than 20 years with a lot of experience exported to US,UK,Africa,Vietnam,Nigeria,Malaysia etc up to 60 countries.

2.We are a manufacture factory,so the price we offer you is the bottom price.

3.Quick and safe delivery:don't worry about the delivery,we have a professional team to delivery the machines for DHL,air transportation,sea transportion.

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6.Everyone including the boss,workers,trading members in our company is very friendly.We will be very happy if you can come to China to visit our factory and plant.

If you are interested in our product,please contact with me .I will try my best to anLDer for you,Because we have factory by ourself so we will give you best price and quality assurance ,welcome to visit our factory check up product.Our technical personnel will test the running of the machine for you.

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