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Microwave soybean drying equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Microwave equipment
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Microwave equipment
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
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Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

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If you interesting in Microwave soybean drying equipment ?kindly ask me, Shandong industrial microwave oven can give technical support and service.
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1.What's your raw material? How about the form of your products?
2.How much moisture content before drying and after drying?
3.How many input and output capacity per hour?

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In addition,Shandong industrial microwave oven not only manufacture Microwave equipment ,but also have oil press and refined oil equipment for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, animal,grape seed, acer truncatum, peony seed, walnut, hemp seed, pine, tea seed, papaya, milk thistle seed, and other special material.

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Microwave soybean drying equipment

The mechanism of microwave sterilization preservation:
Microwave sterilization, preservation is hope will food treated with microwave energy to make the loss of vitality of the bacteria, such as microbial pest or death, to ensure food shelf life must be containing bacteria amount does not exceed the health law regulations still allowed range, so as to prolong the shelf life.The following briefly describes the mechanism of microwave sterilization preservation: it is well known that bacteria, adult and any biological cells, is made up of water, protein, nucleic acid, carbohydrate, fat and mineral raw form a complex compound such as condensing medium.In which water is the main ingredient, biological cell content in 75-85%, because all sorts of bacterial physiological activities must have water to participate in to undertake, and the growth of bacteria breeding process, the absorption of various nutrients is through the cell membrane diffusion, osmosis LDorption to complete.Under the action of microwave field in a certain intensity, the insect food and bacteria can also by molecular polarization relaxation at the same time to absorb microwave energy to heat up.Because they are condensed matter medium, exacerbating the intermolecular forces can microwave energy state transformation.So that the protein has no polarity of thermal motion and rotation from two aspects, the spatial structure change, or destruction, and the protein denaturation.After the protein metamorphism, its solubility, viscosity, stability, LDelling, permeability, both have obvious change, and loss of biological activity.On the other hand, the microwave non-thermal effect in the sterilization of can play the special function of conventional physical sterilization did not.Is also one reason for killing bacteria.It is by the thermal effect of microwave energy or athermal biological effect, interfere with the normal metabolism of the worm and bacteria, undermined its formation conditions and slow speed of genetic breeding insecticidal sterilization and to achieve.

1, high energy conversion efficiency, heating speed
Microwave heating medium directly on the object, a heater box body itself does not attract energy, so the full utilization of energy, microwave power conversion efficiency is usually over 70%.Efficiency of 2 ~ 5 times higher than that of conventional method.From the point of view, energy conversion efficiency is especially suitable for materials drying rate under 20%.And microwave penetrating and can make the material surface and internal heated at the same time, this is a conventional method incomparable unique advantages, can ensure the quality of the product.
2, expanded role
Water at the beginning of the dry materials of high moisture content, a large amount of evaporation, make the products surface temperature drop, expansion effect is not good.When the moisture content below 20%, due to material viscosity increased, the material into internal gap difficult to drain out the water and air to under highly gathering momentum, which can produce good expansion effect.Microwave penetrability and rapid heating effect, make the material internal moisture vaporizing quickly, achieve the goal of expanding.Not shell seeds can be expanded more than twice, puffing rate over 98%, uniform grain full, good quality.Keep the original color, crisp, fragrance thick.To improve the grade of the product.
3, low temperature sterilization, less nutrient loss:
Microwave sterilization is in the dual role of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect, compared with the conventional sterilization temperature at low temperature and a very short period of time to obtain satisfactory disinfection effect.Experimental data shows that microwave has obvious killing effect to escherichia coli, etc, general sterilization temperature about 80 °C, the processing time in 3 ~ 5 minutes, and maximum keep the nutrients.Keep the conventional heat treatment of vitamin C is 46 ~ 50%, microwave can reach 60 ~ 90%;Keep the normal processing of vitamin A is 58%, while microwave treatment reached 84%, and does not affect the original flavor, due to the effect of microwave sterilization preservation, shelf life greatly extended.
4, use convenient operation:
Microwave power of the conveyor belt can be adjusted.Microwave power can be adjusted from zero to the rating of a smooth continuous.To facilitate the adjustment of the production process, product yield and quality control, to meet the requirements of food process specification.Microwave energy there is no thermal inertia, as long as the control of power control knob and manipulation of microwave, can the instantaneous to rise and fall, the purpose of open and stop.
5, improve the production environment:
Microwave devices in everything in a thermal radiation, no dust and noise pollution, greatly improve the living environment, easy to implement the food hygiene of production requirements.Since 92 has amounted to more than 10 years and achieved good economic benefits

Model TL-12
Rated input power(KVA) 16.8kw
Microwave output power(KW) 12kw
Expected dehydration(kg/h) 12~16
Expected sterilization capacity(kg/h) 120~200
Size L*W*H(mm) 7200*820*1750

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