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Almond roasting machine,conveyor microwave nut roaster

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Microwave equipment
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Microwave equipment
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Contact with us
Payment Terms Negotiation
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

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If you interesting in Almond roasting machine,conveyor microwave nut roaster ?kindly ask me, Shandong industrial microwave oven can give technical support and service.
Please metioned below information in your inqury.
1.What's your raw material? How about the form of your products?
2.How much moisture content before drying and after drying?
3.How many input and output capacity per hour?

Once confirm above details,we can provide a suitable solution for you.

In addition,Shandong industrial microwave oven not only manufacture Microwave equipment ,but also have oil press and refined oil equipment for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, animal,grape seed, acer truncatum, peony seed, walnut, hemp seed, pine, tea seed, papaya, milk thistle seed, and other special material.

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Almond roasting machine,conveyor microwave nut roaster

Product Description

Tunnel Nut Roasting Machine/ nut roaster

With electricity (microwave) heating (coal, gas, oil) as a heat source, using the principle

of thermal radiation drying (baking) material, by circulating hot air and hot air blower to

achieve material is heated evenly, effectively guarantee drying (baking) materials the

quality, color and taste.

By feeding component transfer belt, motor, transmission, circulating fan, body, electrical control boxes and other components, by regulating the speed, and set the temperature of the roast material, effectively ensure the best baking results and so on.


Tunnel Roasting Machine Baking conveyor device has the following characteristics:

1. The heat baked goods both inside and outside, inside and outside temperature difference is small, no distortion, no discoloration.

2. Baking stepless speed control, high efficiency; can be partially heated, waste less energy, save electricity.

3. Small size, save space, save costs.

4. Connection with the production line use, while the other side of the feed material. Synchronization control, reduce bad.

5. Thermostatically controlled temperature can be set themselves high elasticity.

6. Wind forced circulation means.

7. Product pre-holding time is short, less working hours.


Tunnel roasting machine Series of multi-purpose machine is mainly used for

baking peanut fruit, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, eat beans, coffee beans, seeds,beans,

almond, baking or drying and other granular materials.

Microwave Output Frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment



Ambient temperature


Overall dimension(L*W*H)

9400*850*2050 mm

Transmission speed


Height of the inlet and outlet

60 mm



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