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Pet food microwave processing machine

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Shandong Industrial Microwave Oven
Certification CE ISO
Model Number Microwave equipment
Min.Order Quantity 1 set
Price Microwave equipment
Packaging Details Plastic film suitable for ocean carriage
Delivery Time Contact with us
Payment Terms Negotiation
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

If you interesting in pet food microwave processing machine ?kindly ask me, Shandong industrial microwave oven can give technical support and service.
Please metioned below information in your inqury.
1.What's your raw material? How about the form of your products?
2.How much moisture content before drying and after drying?
3.How many input and output capacity per hour?

Once confirm above details,we can provide a suitable solution for you.

In addition,Shandong industrial microwave oven not only manufacture Microwave equipment ,but also have oil press and refined oil equipment for peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, animal,grape seed, acer truncatum, peony seed, walnut, hemp seed, pine, tea seed, papaya, milk thistle seed, and other special material.

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Industrial Continuous microwave drying Machine For pet food Features:


pet food microwave drying sterilization machine,microwave dryer machine for pet food,microwave dryer machine for jerky,microwave drying machine for pet food,microwave drying machine for jerky,microwave dryer sterilizer equipment ,microwave cooking machine .Tunnel belt type microwave equipement ,can work continuously .

Temperature and belt transmission speed are adjustable ,you can adjust according to your products features.

The beef jerky seasoning method of preparation,( but the beef jerky production process is similar), namely: the choice of materials → steaming → slicing → the impregnated → dry → drying several processes. Delicious beef jerky, a variety of condiments, craft production, which can meet far apart a variety of tasts and favorite of young and old, women and children, and welcomed by the people as a tourist and leisure food. beef jerky in the past by the sun drying,low quality of beef jerky,serious pollution. Later some manufacturers improve technology,build steam drying room or electric drying room,improve sanitation, reduced dust and bacterial contamination, but there are still three major issues:
First: the drying time is long. Beef dry impregnation by dry moisture content about 35% character of the national beef jerky manufacturers products flavor, spiced beef jerky, curry beef jerky, spicy beef jerky, to achieve 10-12% of the finished water requirements, and was baked for a long time, which limits the increase in production.
Second: increase steam and electric energy consumption, high cost, low economic efficiency.
Third: the sterilization is not completely, can’t meet the requirements of health indicators.
Our company have developed modernization microwave drying sterilization production line for processing beef jerky, by the use of microwave equipment for processing meat finished quality or yield, as well as health indicators have been radically changed, and solve the many professional microwave manufacturers for many years to solve the microwave heating of beef jerky to produce coke.
Note:1. Microwave production, beef jerky, impregnated, dry, general water content of about 35% power relatively large investment in equipment, microwave drying requirements. Departure from the economic benefits, water should be controlled at around 20 percent, sending the microwave drying and sterilizing.
2, beef jerky loaded container should use microwave special engineering plastics. Usually should clean and sterilization usually.
3, microwave in combination with other drying methods to achieve lower costs, greater efficiency purposes.
4, in the case of water large, it is recommended way to achieve the best effective drying effectiveness of the combination of microwave and other drying methods. There are two ways, both natural drying and microwave drying, the combination of Oven and microwave drying. These two methods, the former is more economical, in drying process, prevent bacterial contamination of the dust and flies, but need long time, cover large area; the latter available steam drying room or electric drying room,most food plants use steam boilers, use existing steam to minimize the additional expenditure.

2.Technical Parameters:

Power supply

380V±10% 50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire

Microwave Output Frequency


Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

≤80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust and explosive gas

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

9550*840*1750 mm

Transmission speed


Height of the inlet and outlet

60 mm

Microwave leak

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food machinery health security index


height of inlet&outlet,conveyor belt size,overall dimension can be

designed according to your requirements!

Please contact me to talk more details!

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