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drinking water decoloration coconut activated carbon price

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drinking water decoloration coconut activated carbon price

Our Activated carbon is widely use for each field,have many types like:Coconut shell activated carbon,coal activated carbon,shell activated carbon,wood activated carbon and so on.We have the 10years experiences, the product exporting to many countries.

Product Description

Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon use high-quality coconut shells, undergoing series production process and refined with an appearance of black granular. Have the advantages of well-developed pore structure, large specific surface area, strong adsorption, stable performance.


Mainly for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, alcohol, air purification and deodorization of high purity drinking water, removal of heavy metals, remove chlorine and liquid bleaching. Solvent recovery and is widely used in the chemical industry the gas separation.drinking water decoloration coconut activated carbon price is popular.

1. gas phase adsorption. tail liquid recycle and solvent recovery such as the recovery of benzene gas, gas recovery from gasoline, butane.

2. water further treatment and purification. deodorant and decolor of waters in areas like electric power plant. pharmaceutical industry and other industrial waste water.

3. work as catalysis carrier in synthesizing of mecury bichloride and vinyi acetate, or used for industrial gas, desulphurization and phosgene production of the catelyst.

4. in the gold mining industry, gold recovery, extraction and refining

The main purpose of using activated carbon to remove pigment of food, adjust the fragrance, deodorization, remove the colloid, remove the obstruction of crystalline substances and improve the stability of the product.



Granularity diameter

0.4-3 mm

Iodine number

800-1400 mg/g

Methlene blue number adsorption rate

120-170 mg/g

Phenol adsorption rate

≥450 mg/g

Decolorization rate

≥11 ml

Specific surface area

1000-1300 m2/g

Bulk specific weight

0.5-0.6 g/cm3



Total porous volume

0.8-1 cm3/g




≤ 8%

Shell activated carbon

Nut shell activated carbon with high quality walnut shell, apricot shell, peach shell as raw material, through the series production process finishing. Appearance is black, granular, with a gap developed, adsorption performance is good, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable, etc. Mainly used in metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, drinking water, pure water, wine, beverage, industrial wastewater purification, decolorization, dechlorination, deodorant; It is also used extensively in purification of carbon dioxide for beverages, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen chloride and inert gases equipment, facemasks, respirators and detoxification installations. in oil refining industry to take off the mercaptan, etc.drinking water decoloration coconut activated carbon price from China



Iodine number

800-950 mg/g

Methlene blue number adsorption rate


Phenol adsorption rate

≥450 mg/g

Specific surface area

900-1000 m2/g

Bulk specific weight







≤ 8%



Coal activated carbon

Coal Activated Carbon to divide it as coal powdered activated carbon, coal granular activated carbon (coal quick-shaped activated carbon), coal columnar activated carbon, coal spherical activated carbon. produced by the coal powder powdered activated carbon through coal tar, coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt, industrial starch, industrial waste and other adhesives molding.

Coal columnar activated carbon appearance black cylindrical, made of high quality anthracite as raw material, refined processing of advanced technology, have developed porosity, large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration, low cost. Widely used in toxic gas purification, waste gas treatment, industrial and domestic water purification treatment, solvent recovery,adsorbing (collecting, recovering. separating and refining of poisonous substances, adsorbing and filtering radioactivity substances and microorganism ) desulfating,recovering of solvent and steam ; catalyst and catalyst carriers etc.

Coal granular activated carbon is characterized by fast adsorption, so it is preferred in the field of water pollution, Granular Coal Activated Carbon adsorption of solute molecules, remove algal contaminants by flocculation, greatly reduce water BOD Value and turbidity. Relatively speaking, granular activated carbon coal means small investment and significant effect .



Total pore volume


Specific surface area

>950 cm3/g

Caramel decolorization rate







Iodine adsorption value

>1050 mg/g

Carbon tetrachloride adsorption rate


Ash powder

Wood activated carbon

Activated charcoal in powder form are made from sawdust and fruitshell,activated via physical and chemical methods,under the process of crushing,aftertreatment.

These series of activated charcoal with developed mesopore structure,high rapid filtering ,large adsorption volume,short filtering time,goog hydrophoby, high temperature etc.

Widely used in liquid phase adsorption,such as refining sugar,beverage ,chemical industry,pharmaceutical industry,oil industry,environmental protaction etc,Especially suitable for food industry,LDeetening agent such as cane sugar,beet sugar,aspartame,starch sugar,milk sugar,molasses,xylose,xylitol,maltose,glucose,and decolorization,removing colloid hydrolyzed protein.Beverage such as Coca Cola,Pepsi,food additive,antistaling agent,glucide,sodium glutamte,cystine,glycerin,itaconic acid,optical brightener,gallic acid,decolorization and removing smelling on dihydroxybenzene products,specially good effects on coloring matter with macromolecule adsorption and decolorization.drinking water decoloration coconut activated carbon price widely used



Methylene blue




decolorization rate of caramel






Ash content


Acid soluble matter


Specific density




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